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Time between warm ups and not singingTime between warm ups and not singing

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Hi Ken,

I wanted to ask if there needs to pass any specific time frame between warming up your voice with KTVA and not singing for you to have warm your voice over again?

I ask this because today, at 12:00PM, I had done my warm-ups and finished at about 1:00PM.  Once I finished, I went out to run an errand (and talked a lot,) and then came back to sing at about 3:00, and I found my upper register a little hard to reach with a consistent and resonant tone unless I tried to reach it.  It took a while of actual singing for me to regain the feeling of my voice being warmed-up, and even so, my higher head voice notes would sort of be a troublesome area without pushing.



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    I believe Ken suggests that about a 20 to 30 minute break is OK before resuming.  That gives your voice a breather, but keeps it still warm from the workout.  After two hours, you've got to get everything warmed up and loosened up again, but it should be better than a stone cold start, unless you are worn out from the previous workout.


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