David Lee Roth yelp

Does anybody know how to safely do the infamous David Lee Roth yelp as I call it? I really don't know another way to describe it? I think most will know what I;m talking about though

Peace, Tony


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    I can't do it, but had it demo'd to me years ago... He just let his cords go slack and "diapraghmed" up a stream of air and slightly shaped it with his tract... I think this would be quite drying to the cords, but he was fine with it, and never overused it.
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    A good friend of mine is interviewing Ralph Saenz (Steel Panther) as part of his web series tomorrow. He is going to ask how Ralph does it. Ralph does it better than anybody... He does DLR better than DLR.
  • I think a lot of people do DLR better than DLR these days lol.
    I'm really curious if there is a safe technique for it, or if its just something that people adlib
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    It's not loud at all (you can find youtube clips of him doing it without a mic) and Ralph can do it even when his voice is completely shot so I'm guessing it's safe... at least the way he does it. He lets the resonance cut through, its not a volume thing at all. its placement.
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    Let us know the link of the interview once its up!
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