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Higher notes c4-c6 singing correctly?

Hey ken I have been singing/trying to sing for a few years, and I think I have a pretty good understanding of it, though a lot of the things I want to sing I feel may be out of my range
(What I would like to sing.)

, I sing from c4-c6 in my band and I'm afraid i might be doing it wrong, so far i haven't had too many issues, other than when i hit c6# its more of a airy scream. My main problem I think is lack of power in the higher registers.


my band where i sing for refference. majority at the end. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRJSKlanVpE live version, so you can hear what i sound live. without the "magic" of the studio, Thanks so much for any help


  • XplosiwXplosiw Enrolled Posts: 19
    Your highest note is C#5, not C#6.

    Sorry, just wanted to point that out, just terminologic things.

    You sound great! Other than that, let's wait for the more experienced singers to take over, heh. Curious to know, did you take lessons or just study all by yourself? I can'y believe anyone could sound like that without (atleast somewhat) knowing what they're doing.
  • BrandenxMartinBrandenxMartin Member Posts: 7
    I've never had any form of education with singing, I just started singing December of 2010 before that i played guitar for 10 years and did very little low tone singing for acoustic songs.  As of about a month ago I realized I want to make my singing perfect and do everything correctly so I have a good run with my voice.
  • BrandenxMartinBrandenxMartin Member Posts: 7
    I'm currently working on a project that I sing a whole line on the c#6 note so I was just using this as an example of my singing lol

  • Ken TamplinKen Tamplin Administrator, Moderator Posts: 446

    Hi Branden,

    I didn't hear a C#6 (that's way up in the rafters) but I did hear you high C#5.

    A couple of things:

    On your recording, you have some decent open throat already working for you which is cool.

    You can hear you "inch" between vowel sounds and you close down too hard on your consonants which reflect your inability to get those notes clean and in pitch

    in you live demo.

    In addition to strength building with the course, it would be wise to pull back and not compress so hard first, sing through the songs without any consonants at all if possible, gradually integrate bringing back in the consonants and then learn to compress little by little.

    Otherwise you can and probably will hurt your voice over time.


  • BrandenxMartinBrandenxMartin Member Posts: 7
    Thank you so much for your reply Ken, I'm going to keep practicing with it, It's good to finally hear from someone that knows what they are doing. I've always just been guessing how to do it. 
  • XplosiwXplosiw Enrolled Posts: 19
    So you just began to sing? Wow, that is _really_ interesting to me, because I cannot grasp how in earth could anyone figure how to extend their vocal range up to C#5 without having a clue of what their doing. Really intriguing. Could you describe your process how everything went? How did you practice and discover you could sing up to C#5? Most of the people I know that have just went about singing without really thinking are very limited in their vocal range.
    This is really interesting, something I cannot imagine as I always seek to have guidance as early as possible. Wow!
  • ChripheryChriphery Member Posts: 1
    Hey dude, i don't know much about this sort of thing, but i really like your band! Out of interest what screaming technique do you use? Does it harm your voice at all?
    I'm intrigued how you hit the high notes and still scream!
  • BrandenxMartinBrandenxMartin Member Posts: 7
    I just mimicked other singers voices and kept pushing to getting better. Though it wasn't the best of route and I wish I would have learned from a professional how to sing right at first. I've had my voice mess up a couple of times before i figured out how to do some things. I never pushed it hard though. 

  • BrandenxMartinBrandenxMartin Member Posts: 7
    Thank you for giving my band  listen first of all lol :) For screaming technique I have always gone with a popular belief. If it hurts of strains. Don't do it that way.  I know that any type of stress or screaming harms your voice and if you are not conditioned to do it you can hurt yourself or callus your vocal chords. I screamed for a band for 2 years  before i started even considered singing. Majority of it is compression and just low speaking, Its hard to describe lol.
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