Another Soldier of Fortune...

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I don't really like my own sound anymore...I think I have too loose adduction? I also get a slightly woofy, bottled up sound that I don't like (luckily, so does even Mr Coverdale in a couple of places in this song) Please excuse bad sound quality, sang straight into the computer mic.



  • That was a pretty decent track. I enjoyed it.
    I do hear what you're talking about. I think its just a matter of technique keeping you from getting that nice bright sound.
    You definitely have good pitch, and timing. Do you have previous training? It sounds like you have.

    Peace, Tony
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    Thanks. Funnily enough, I was a better singer as a teenager/young man (I'm 50 now and haven't sung for a long while) and when I started taking (opera) lessons I got lost and never found that reasonably healthy and brighter voice I had before I knew anything about vocal technique. So, yes, I have a little training, but not successful training...
  • I'm 54 now, and I just started singing 6 months ago. This course is pretty amazing if you are thinking about jumping back in. It's done wonders for my voice, and frankly my age hasn't hindered my progress one bit.

    I could tell by the volume, and control of your voice that you had some training. You have a really good tone it would be a shame to waste that.

    Peace, Tony
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    Yes, nice tonal quality, with the smoky-woodsy sound. Good pitch.
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    Thanks! Actually, I've studied this a lot the last couple of days and found the spot in my throat that's causing that stuffed sound I don't like, so I'm quite excited about working on that. Tension in that place was not only causing a sound I didnt like, it was also blocking resonance. I've also listened a lot to Coverdale here, and I've noticed that he was still a young man learning his trade, because he does the first verse nicely but the rest of the song has quite a few vocal problems too.
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    wow its awesome but Soldier of Fortune I was expecting one from Owen Campbell
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