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November rain

hi there KTVA
first of all i want to say something about this song and me, i start to sing when i was 15(not a serious singer,just a hobby) and i start to sing pop musics to be honest rock type of musics for me was so hard and rough,and the truth is i could not sing rock musics so i use to hate that my voice ain't that strong to sing it,i remember once my friend was listening november rain when i first hear axl roses voice i was like what a unique and amazing voice, even i tried to sing like that for few seconds and it make me cough and tears on my eyes... so it was impossible,i grow up and everything slowly changed i start to like rock musics as my habits changed,this song is the reason that made me to start singing again and specially singing rock,i did practices to be able sing with this voice and even i found out that i can control it and dont let it damage my throat in this 1 month of my starting to practice and following a goal,it took time and pains at the beginning.i wont try fake axl roses voice in this song thats what i got to do in my own.
so its my second home record,this time i learn how to reduce noise and record good than my first with audacity,i know i didnt sing perfect and there is defects,hope you like it and let me know your opinions and feed back,cheers


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