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DDifference between pulling chest and yelling/shouting?

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I've always wondered, because Ken definitely speaks of bringing up one's chest voice as high as possible during the workouts and try bridging later in order to avoid having a weak midsection, and being able to have at one's disposal the ability to belt and wail.  In terms of sound, what would be the difference between pulling one's chest voice higher, and shouting/yelling a note out?


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    Have you listened to the Head Voice webinar?  Ken refers to the "call register" which is characterized by shouting "HEY, YOU!!! GET AWAY FROM MY CAR!!!!" at relatively high volume and pitch.   It's what you would use to yell at someone emphatically from half a block away.  It is what happens in Middle Voice when it gets loud.  This IS the portion you want to work on extending upwards in range in order to stretch your chest voice.  When you sing in this same middle note range, but at a lower volume, the tone is totally different, the support is lessened, and it sounds kind of like a lower-range head voice. 

    In Call Register, the sound is that of loud chest, even shouting, but on pitch.  This should be done with proper support and breath regulation so that it does not fatigue the cords like actual shouting would.

    Belting and wailing will normally be in the upper sections of the Call Register, extending into a chest-like head voice, as explained in the Head Voice Webinar.  This version of head voice is not the airy/hooty falsetto version, but instead is true head voice which has a tighter sound similar to chest, extended into head range.


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