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Comments on and critique my voice

I think I might've posted in the wrong forum so I'll try again.

I'm really new to singing, I have sung (for fun) before but now I'm really starting to try because of my academic major.
This is just a small voice excerpt of Michael Buble's - Feeling Good (Moved down to Abm)


I "think" I'm a baritone but that's based mostly off of internet research. If you could help assess my voice type and give any tips I'd appreciate it! Thanks!


  • Not bad really if you're new to singing. I used to sound the same before I joined up here.
    A couple of things: Your sound is really breathy. It has a lot of air to it. Thats actually a bad thing for a singer. It will cause your vocal cords to dry out.
    Because of the breathiness you're also going out of key, and sounding pitchy.

    As far as tips to fix it? That's almost impossible to do because of the many things going on at once with your voice, breath, tongue. It;s just too much information.

    I'm not sure how serious you are about singing but, you can watch Ken's video's on breath support to get you started in the right direction.

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