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[Dream on] Mixing distorted and clean voice

in my first record i singed dream on with full distorted voice,today i was practicing and i tried to sing it in 2 records one with mixing distorted and clean voice and another with clean voice, let me know your opinions,thanks

here is distorted/clean voice both

and here is clean voice


  • @Raulie Definitely like the clean better. You have a good tone to your voice. Are you taking any instruction right now from anybody?
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    @videoace hi thanks for your feed back, do you mean the clean record is better? whats your opinion about mixed one? can you tell me why did u like the clean ? cuz' i liked the mix version and the reasonis i think my clean voice is something like a random boring voice :smiley: , no i dont take any instructions only practicing with the musics that fits with my styles, mostly gun n roses and few others
  • @Raulie I prefer the clean sound because I can hear the tone in your voice better than when it is gritty, and raw.
    It all depends on how you want people to hear it though. You like the intensity of the raw, and grit which is cool because I like my guitars the same way, but I think people will appreciate your voice more if they could hear the clear tone of it too.
    Being able to do both is pretty cool. Spread it out a bit.

    You really could use some sharpening up on your pitch though. Thats a big classic song to take on, so if you do it people are either going to expect you to be really bad at it (like me lol) or you need to be spot on.

    Peace, Tony
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    @videoace Tony i totally agree with you and i appreciate i really needed to know about these cuz i want to do the best way with my voice,as i see i have to make changes on my practice program and mostly work on my clean voice as you said make it sharpen,do you have any suggestion about what musics should i use to practice with as i want to go with my clean voice and spread out a bit with my distorted voice?
  • @Raulie I can only sing clean, but I try to sing mostly chesty vocals like Blackfoot, Uriah Heep, Pat Traverse to name a few.
    You seem more like a Judas Priest, Iron maiden type of guy though.
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    @videoace i would like to listen yours man,and about those two you suggested i will listen to their musics and see if i can practice with those and let you know :wink:
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