Hey KTVA Singers!!!

csuewahsingcsuewahsing Member, STREAMING PRO Posts: 5
I'm Charles. I'm 47 years old and live in the Toronto area with my family. Lover and student of music since I was 6 years old. I've played a variety of instruments and spent many years DJing local events and private parties. I'm done with nightclub scene and decided to focus my attention on my guitar playing and singing. I've tried different vocal coaches in the past but never really saw the results or gained the confidence I was looking for. I tried out for 3 bands last year. Though I got some very positive feedback, I wasn't enough to lead a band - yet. There's something missing in my voice. So I have two goals this year 1) find or start a hard rock/blues band and 2) do an open mic acoustic set. I got myself Ken Tamplin's streaming course to get me going. I'm in my second week and already feeling a difference in my practicing. Looking forward to learning from other singers and getting feedback on my progress. Rock on!!!


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