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Bohemian rhapsody

hi KTVA how you doing?
its my 3rd home record its not my best i just practice few time to be able sing it i did like to record it and post here to get you guys feed back.regards Raulie


  • Yeeee ha! Thats a really really big song to take on. One of the most iconic pop/rock tunes of our time.
    I'll just be honest and tell you that it's not even close. I can tell by your voice that you have potential to be a good singer, but you need a lot of training to take this one on.
    Don't let it discourage you at all. Just pick some easier tunes until you get where you want to be. Work your way up to the gigantic singers like Freddie Mercury.

    Peace, Tony

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    @videoace hi tony thank you for being honest with me,i always think training with hard songs will make me find out my defects and weak points and prepare me to sing other average songs.
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    would you suggest me some easier song please?
  • Any song would be easier than that one, but I really don't know what you like or listen to. I will post below some songs that are relatively easy if you want to try them.

    Elanor Rigby - The Beatles
    One Last Kiss -The J. Geils band
    Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
    Only women Bleed - Alice Cooper
    Blue On Black - Kenny Waynje Sheppard
    Tears In Heaven - Eric claption
    Patience -Guns and Roses

    Not sure if you like any of these bands, but these song were pretty easy for me.

    Peace, Tony
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    @videoace i actually listening to classics in rock world,mostly 80s,when i was singing with full distorted voice i was practicing with gun n roses mostly and bon jovi and those singers who using distorted voice,but things changed when we had conversation,thanks for your time buddy to suggesting these songs i will check them out and see how is it going and let you know.
  • Don't ever stop challenging yourself as a vocalist. Try the songs you want to try. It either works for you or it doesn't, it doesn't mean you have to quit trying. Do a little more work on easier songs, and then try the hard ones again.

    You know your voice, you know what it can handle. Just take things slow, and lightly for now.

    Peace, Tony
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