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Where can I find videos of Ken teaching other students?

I'm in the course. Enrolled. Just the basic package. Can I watch videos like this somewhere? I've only been able to find a couple like it on youtube. Do I have to have a pro membership or whatever it is called, for those videos to be available? I thought about forking over the extra dollars when I was signing up, to become a pro member, but my economy is pretty tight as an upcoming artist.


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    @Moftem I hear you on the money problem, but to be honest.....you really can't afford not to get it if this is what you do for a living, or to supplement your income.
    I do believe that the demonstrations with the students is indeed in the pro section, but I could be wrong, and I'm sure I will be corrected if that's the case.
    You already have a good voice. Why not make it a great one? Better singing, more money in your pocket, and maybe move off the streets, and into some decent paying venues. Something to think about.

    Peace, Tony
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    You are missing out on the most economical time ever to do the 2.0 upgrade to PRO. It will NEVER be this ridiculously economical. I think for $69 you can upgrade to PRO 2.0. That offer was supposed to expire, but I think some people are still trickling through. Most others paid quite a bit more to just go to PRO, and this gets you to PRO 2.0.

    Everyone else, KTVA has been trying to reach out to anyone who tried to get the upgrade and never heard back or for whatever reason, so that nobody that wants it gets left out. But on the other hand, there probably WILL be a time when this offer flat out ends, or at least goes up to a Hundred bucks or more, like it could have been in the first place.

    The upgrade was priced at $49 for anybody who already had PRO, $69 for anybody who had volumes 1, 2, and 3, and $199 for people with only a volume or two, or with Weekend Warrior. This is a ridiculously generous offer. RUN, do not WALK to get this while it is being offered.

    That's a lot of busking, but this is a LIFETIME worth of information that is directly related to how you put food on your plate. You can't afford to NOT take advantage of this.

    Not to poke fun, but maybe a sign in your tip jar:"Help me raise $69 for singing lessons! Will take requests!" People might just pitch in and help you.

    All the Best!
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