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I saw a video of Ken doing Chris Cornell, and he talked about hyper glottal compression, I finished the masters course some time ago and almost do the master's class workout daily, and there is absolutely nothing mentioned of hyper glottal compression, and I really need an instructional video for this as i am in an Audioslave tribute band

Thanks in advance


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    Ken TamplinKen Tamplin Administrator, Moderator Posts: 446

    I discuss glottal compression and demonstrate it in Volumes 2 and even more in Volume 3.

    I don't go into hyper compressio because people want to rush into it and can and probably will hurt themselves. The MUST be learning how to compress correctly for a while, over time,  before adding more "weight" to the sound.

    How long have you been doing the course? (when you say you have "finished",  it's not really something you "finish" but something you continue to grow with over time).

    You start with glottal compression (correctly) and slowly build the distorted tone you like by compressing air in the lung and at the glottis.

    Can you post a sample of your singing so I can hear how far along you are in compression to help direct you to where you would like to go safely?

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    edited January 2013
    Sorry it took me so long, 

    Thanks Ken
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    Were you able to hear this?
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    Wow man, that's an insane distortion. I am on stage 2, and I am wondering if I can learn that on stage 3 
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