After 7 months of practicing i was ready to give up

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I'v always told my friends that i believed singing was something than can be learned and not just an amazing ability you're gifted.

As a piano and guitar player I got really immersed in the idea of learning how to sing. I watched hundreds of youtube videos, learned concepts theories and idea's. I quickly realized this might be one of the hardest things i'v ever tried to tackle. I learned basic exercises and what their goals were and eventually bought a vocal workout CD that i used EVERYDAY. my range improved... but that was about it, my voice still sounded like a dieing cow and i was ready to give up. Nothing else sucks more than feeling like you're wasting your time. I know it takes years to really improve your voice but i couldn't help but feel i accomplished nothing. I was ready to quit.

HOWEVER, since i love singing so much i decided id give it one last try with everything I got. I bought the Ken Tamplin Program and I'm ready to start fresh. His new approach shows me that i still haven't tried everything just yet. I'm hoping that being part of a larger community and taking this journey with others will keep me inspired. I'm a 22 year old male from Miami Florida with a fulltime job. Please feel free to reach out to me with all the tips and tricks. I'm hoping to make a lot of friends along the way :).


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