My name is Mohsin , this is my first post.

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Hi guys!

My name is Mohsin and I come from Pakistan , and frankly I had never ever thought or dreamed that I would actually try to grow my voice or aspire to be able to sing , although I do now. I just hope Iam right.
About a year ago I was just randomly youtubing when I came across "Wanted Dead or Alive" sung by a Xiomara Crystal and I just loved the cover and towards the end Ken showed up and said that anyone could sing , not that I really believed in him but I have to admit I liked Ken.

Over a few days I watched almost everything from KTVA and there was something about Ken that I just loved , he was really humble and sounded really honest. I've always been a person who has believed in intuition and in this case I really liked this guy .Although there was a huge problem , I was unemployed and I had no money whatsoever and to make matters worse , my country has the lowest currency rate.
No matter how much I saved it was never enough , and although I did not have Ken's course I did believe in Ken when he said I could sing so I started practicing of youtube and met a few Indian classical vocalists although it was never enough.

I can't say that I was about to give up , but after more than a year of not being able to save money I was extremely frustrated ,almost to the point of tears . I was delaying making some major decisions in my life but i just also wanted to buy this course , this was major to me.

I checked the website last December to calculate again how much money I needed when I read of KTVA 2.0 and the monthly streaming option , I don't intend to sound dramatic but I couldnt stop my tears of joy .I still had to save a month to afford the course , which I did , and finally , FINALLY IAM HERE.
Iam happy beyond anything , and the fact that Iam this happy makes me even more happy , I had posted pictures of Ken in my diaries and finally I had made it!

Well about my singing , Iam not really a singer and by that I mean I have never to my knowledge sung an entire song or performed in front of an audience. I've read some people's introductions there and I see that most know some singing or have been part of a band , that is not me.The most I've done is hum a song and sometimes felt that man that sounded good.Sometimes I've thought that I can sing and have tried only to be told that I can't.But I can , a little bit and thats why I am here.
Iam also here because Iam ready to believe in Ken , and myself. Iam willing to work hard , and to believe in anyone who can tell me I can sing if I work it.

Peace ,



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