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Just purchased the course. I have always worked as a guitarist/instrumentalist first and vocals have been an after-thought ( a few harmonies and occasional lead vocal here and there. I have generally been able to get by on my guitar playing and musical knowledge to get enough work). I decided a little while ago to start working on my singing as it would allow me to get more work and also to be able to play what I wanted, not have to be reliant on others all the time. And I can also record my own songs, not need to have someone else come in and sing the lead.
I have been working from another course and found it really didn't do much for me so after careful consideration I decided that Ken seemed to have the goods!
And I have been able to make time to be able to put in a few hours a day to this, so looking forward to getting somewhere with my singing!
Take care


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    You have made a choice that many of us here made, and for the same reasons.  This is a choice you will never regret.  It will pay and pay and pay and pay the more you put into it.  This training is the real McCoy.

    If you have any doubts, just watch a couple of dozen of Ken's YouTube demos, and reassure yourself that if you are looking to stregthen your voice, increase your range and stamina, improve your tone, and be able to walk up to a microphone and have people wonder what it is about you that has changed, you have come to the right place, because this is THE method that will transform your voice.

    Nice to meet you, and WELCOME aboard!!!


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    Thanks so much Bob!
    The Youtube videos and an email response from Ken were what really sold me! Amazing singer and teacher.
    Take care
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