Breathing Excersises

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Hello Everyone,

Anyone has got the experience on breathing exercises that feeling you're out of gas and the throat seems dried out. I felt that all the oxygen completely full from diaphragm to the chest that kind of tight a bit in which I was scared. I did breath with open mouth. I did not know what I did wrong as I am doing inhale exhale type thing to start with.


  • @Marisends
    Go through the instruction video for volume one, and make yourself a checklist of the main things to concentrate on.
    Posture (Stand/sit up straight)
    Lungs 1/2 to 3/4 full of air (rib cage expansion)
    Take your breath (below the 3rd, and 4th abdominal muscle)
    Tongue to the base of the jaw.
    Mouth open wide (keep the jaw static, do not move the jaw once it is open)
    keep the back of the throat open (As if there is an imaginary ball in the back of the throat)
    always check to make sure there is no tension in the chest, neck, throat, arms, or hands

    The instruction video covers each technique in detail.

    You're throat is probably drying out from either too much air passing over the vocal cords, or from not being hydrated enough. (get used to drinking room temperature water)

    The lungs you only want one half to three quarters full of air. The breath you take below the third and fourth abdominal muscle actually is the breath you will use to sing with, the lungs are more of a resevoire for when the diaphragmatic breath runs out.

    Peace, Tony
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    Thanks Tony. Guess I have to drink more water as it is winter time is so dry and minus -15 degree F sometimes.
  • It's pretty much the same where I live.
    Once you start getting the hang of things you will find that you won't require as much water as you might now.
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    Thanks you videoace. That helps a lot. I am drinking water every often.
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