Hi Bob. I re-did 3 demos I did recently and a New one. All I can tell you is that I am coming on well now. The part about stringing my phrases together is a huge key to this....This also 'forces' me into breath properly (support) all the time. The other thing is that I am far more relaxed now....in fact now that I am doing this, I really didnt realise how tense I was before....Man!!!
I now fell great singing now even afterwards. Where as before, I felt I'd left a Pint of Blood on the floor!
I feel Im up and running now and not falling all over the place.....I'm gonna start sprinting soon Bob.....Watch me...
I re-did 3 as I said.....You will know these from before and a new one....Also a Frank Sinatra tune (Lady is a Tramp)
Before I wasnt really that confident about my previous demo's (But its all in the process of learning) But for the first time I am now.
Cheers Bob hope you enjoy these cool songs. 'String of Pearls'........


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    You've moved up another notch, my friend. The string of pearls sounds so much better than the chopped liver! It's got such a nice tone and consistency now. More room for "feeling". Sounds like you're enjoying it, too. That helps people listening to enjoy it, as well.

    What a lot of people don't understand is that you have crossed the line from saying words on music to SINGING. You are now SINGING.

    What you're doing in these demos is what is taught in the "Applying KTVA to Singing Songs". You actually sound like a recording artist now. You're getting a very nice recorded sound on your voice, as well. What mic and preamp are you using? Of course a great mic won't get you anywhere without a great voice. All of your hard work is finally showing up. You never gave up, even when I told you that you weren't on pitch, your vibrato was overdone, your words were too choppy... But if I hadn't told you all of that, you would still be doing all of that. Instead of crying in the corner, you worked through it all, dusted yourself off, and gave it another go, and another, and another. I'm really proud of you.

    What I like the most about all of this is that it sounds like YOU. Not a clone. Not an imitation. YOU sound REALLY GOOD, Tom.
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    Hey Bob cheers my friend. I tell you what mate I cant stop singing now!!!..Ha.
    You know Bob, youve been around a long time, and you know how long it takes to learn and then master an instrument. I remember back in the day when nobody would even consider someone a musician or competent without playing for about 7 years. I dont see this as any different. So thats what it takes if you want something badly enough. It took me 7 years to go from white belt to black (Karate). But the time it has taken me to get to this point and all the mistakes I have made and so on, I feel Im better for it.....I Know through these mistakes I know now whats going on, I have experienced it. It just makes me wiser for it.
    If I was or am a bit of a slow learner, well Im in good company, because Stevie Vie was too, by his own confession.....Im sure theres many more too.
    Its also been a long time ambition of mine to impress you (Really)....!
    I would not be at this point now if it was not for you. you dont have to say anything about that because Nothing will alter my thoughts on that. Its just a reality. You have been a Rock my friend. I trusted you right from the beginning.
    I just knew you you knew what you where talking about and you have always been positive as well as been honest and have never patronised me at all....of which I appreciate that the most. And you have stuck with me the Whole time!....Im sorry Bob, buy I hope I hav'nt given you Ulcers and Nightmares!!!...HaHa....
    I dont know why I am talking in the Past so much here, because We are gonna go forward from here.....Please dont go away Bob I need ya!
    Thanks for everything so far mate....Wonderful.....!
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    Hi Bob. I recorded another tune here as well as a repost of Lady is a Tramp....I think this is an improvement from the one I posted yesterday. I did the others too....these were also improved, however I did not repost those here because I think you have heard enough of these (unless you want me to of coarse)
    The new one is Everybodies talkin' (Midnight Cowboy). The instrumental was a bit difficult to sing to, but I think I negotiated it OK. Also the end part was cut off just a touch.....this was because of my lame attempt at a 'Fade out'.
    Cheers Mate.Tom

  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,346
    Nice job on Lady. Everybody needs a little polish. :)
  • sealrosesealrose Enrolled Posts: 162
    Yip I agree with you there. Will do that again. In fact, I am re-recording everything again. Yesterday whilst practising these tunes again, and really concentrating on getting more support and really going through with every phrase, and taking enough to easily get through these phrases in one continual string as well as just slowing down a little and taking each and every word is also not making me 'lead' anymore. These things are happening now because I am much more relaxed now....I feel I know what Im doing now. This does take lots of practice to get rid of all the old bad habits (which are going away piece by piece now). These bad habits are been replaced by good ones now....these are, in turn, becoming habits now. I am so close now to getting every song I sing correct......a little more time and I feel I will be there with confidence.
    Cheers Bob. Tom
  • sealrosesealrose Enrolled Posts: 162
    Hey Bob, Me again. First I must admit that I am a bit disappointed in myself for posting 'Everybody' here. Tell you why. Like I said, above that I am weeding out the bad technical flaws (which is not easy when habits have been bad for so long) and replacing them with the good stuff. This part is going well at the moment and am improving all the time and discovering so many other things like the 'Ah' vowel, breathing correctly (breath management) being in pitch and so on. I am now putting this into each and every phrase now and being totally constant the entire song. This has got to be a habit (The ultimate good one).
    The major thing I have to change is my attitude. I have to be more professional in my approach now. I must stop trying to sing tunes when I am not in the frame of mind to do so. 'Everybody' was one of those. I used to feel 'I needed to get these out' kind of attitude...Like I mentioned before, I cant believe how tense I was before. I was not in the right frame of mind to do that tune. 'Lady' on the other hand, I most certainly was. The same as 'Raindrops'...even though I had some issues, you remarked that you felt I was enjoying myself and so will the audience. i need to start to blend those things together and then we are gonna get somewhere. Even when I listen to the updated 'Lady' tune I feel I can do better.....and thats Not wishful thinking anymore. One thing Ken says, is that its Perfect Practise makes Perfect......Not just practice. This is what I am now doing.
    So i hope you understand MY disappointment. I must start to think like a professional now and not like an amateur anymore.
    And no more trying to churn these things out like a Sausage factory anymore. I remember you saying that to me once a long time ago....! Ha
    Im really positive about this Bob. I dont want fame and fortune and all that BS, Bob I just want to reach my ambition of being a Singer I can be proud of.
    Sorry about the length of this but I needed to share this with you at tell you where Im at.
    Cheers my Friend.....You'll hear from me again soon.
    Cheers Tom
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,346
    Yep. No need to crank out things that aren't up to reasonably high standards, once you realize what those standards should be, and realizing that getting every note just right isn't going to happen by itself... until that becomes the habit.

    So you're on an improved track. That's how it's supposed to be. The track gets a little smoother, a little more refined, bit by bit. In time, if you pay attention to all of those details, it just starts getting up to a much higher quality consistency overall.
  • saintveronicasaintveronica Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 14
    Loved loved this thread. Very inspiring to to me who gets discouraged at times and has Lots of work to do on my voice. Sealrose you inspire me! Do you have an earlier video on how you sounded before so I can hear the difference?
  • sealrosesealrose Enrolled Posts: 162
    Cheers Saintveronica. Cant believe I could Inspire someone hear...!
    i may post some older stuff once I have reached a level that I am happy with...and if I have the Minerals to do so....They are not very good of coarse..
    Maybe..Cheers anyway.
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