Hi everyone!

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Hi folks!  I'm Andy, 21 years old, from Chile.  

I'm obviously in Volume 1, I already read some threads here discussing volume 1 so I know how to train!

My range goes from F2 to D4 (One day I hit an F4 but straining to a ridiculous point) in chest voice... I think I'm a bass baritone with a bad vocal range, so Rock, Pop, Opera Tenor, Baritone, and even some Bass arias are all above my range.

In the past I had tried doing some Singing Success but failed terribly, I just could never connect properly or do a half-decent mixed voice.

I've heard that lower or heavier voices have a harder time connecting registers and supporting, so I'd love if someone who has a similar voice could tell me about his experience!



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    Hey, Andy!

    Welcome to KTVA.  I think you will actually have Success with your Singing HERE at KTVA.  It does take a lot of practice and commitment on your part, but if you have begun your workouts, you should already be noticing some differences in your voice, and you're just getting started.

    Many here are refugees from other vocal methods that left us disappointed, and in some cases feeling ripped-off.  This method, when followed as directed, will develop your vocal capabilites far beyond those you would ever attain by following any other path.   It takes time, but the effort is well worth it!

    We look forward to helping you over the rough spots and onward to reach your vocal goals!  One step at a time, here you go!

    Good singing to you!


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