Heiko is starting a new journey ... hello to all

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Hi to all, my name is Heiko and I live in nothern Germany (so please excuse my rusty english). I would like to introduce myself and to tell you the little story why I'm here.

In my youth I liked to make music, I played guitar (not in a professional way) and I was singing in a choir. But when I started to work I unfortunately stopped making music. I only sang at home or in the car to some songs, a few times in a karaoke bar.

Around Christmas I was searching for a nice Christmas piece for piano. On youtube I found a young guy performing a nice piece and I took a look to his channel. He made some collaborations with another young acapella singer and I listened to his covers. I started singing along his covers. And that changed my life completely. I got back my passion for music. I got back the will to make music again, to sing again. I always wanted to learn piano, now I got a piano teacher and have lessons. I want to improve my rusty singing voice, to increase my range (at the moment F2 to approx D4), to build a solid base. That's why I purchased the PRO bundle. And therefore I stopped smoking a few days ago. I cannot thank that two guys enough.

So, now I'm here. Most likely it woll not be a great singing career anymore, but who knows. That doesn't matter. I love to sing and to make music and that is the important thing. It's pure passion, it's joy, it's happiness. That is what counts.

I hope I will learn a lot from you all. Thanks everyone,


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    Hi Heiko! Welcome to the forum.

    Very nice of you to share your story, i am glad that you found your passion in music again. It seems to have an very positive effect on you as well.

    For singing you have come to the right address. KTVA is a journey. It takes time, patience and dedication. However, the forum is always here to help you on your journey. If you don't understand something or need help, or even need someone to evaluate some of your exercises, it's all welcome here. This forum has been just as important for my singing journey as the KTVA pro bundle itself.

    KTVA truly works when you use it correctly, it just takes longer than most people would like. I too was one of those people that wanted results fast, until i really started to dedicate time to KTVA for the long run. Now i am enjoying the benefits!

    All the best,

  • @Heiko
    Good to have you here. You came to the right place to learn how to sing. Having the course, and the support of the forum will take you as far as you want to go with it. From a great Kareoke singer all the way to a professional level.

    It may be a good thing for you to learn piano, and singing at the same time. You can exercise your vocal scales along with your piano scales, and get used to singing and playing at the same time. One may also help you be better at the other depending on how you approach it.

    If you need help along the way, there are plenty of us to offer help, and support on top of the mountains of information already posted. So look around for specific issues.

    Enjoy the challenge, and have fun with it. It really works.

    Peace, Tony

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    Hello ktva family
    My name is Tolu (T.L).I love singing,I have been singing since my teenage years .After I got married I stopped singing for raising family.i eventually got my passion and love for singing back.I want to be able to sing skilfully and professionally.i bought a vocal training course recently but found out it was full of fake promises,but thank God I got ktva eventually. Am prepared to give this training all the commitment needed to succeed because I really want to succeed.i will described my singing for now as a raw natural talent that needs to be refined.Am ready to pass it through ktva fiery furnace .i trust to achieve maximum result with your support.

    Many thanks
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    Hi Tolu!

    Welcome! The forum is always here when you need any help.

    All the best,

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    Nice to meet both of you, @Heiko and @Tolu ! You will both find what you are looking for, as long as you remain motivated. The information you need is in the KTVA program. The motivation, encouragement, and help you may need is here at the forums, and you will also find it within yourself!

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    Thank you all for the warm welcome.

    That's right, Ben. Music really has a big influence to me. When I feel sad, I only need to make music for a short time and I feel better. It seems, first I have to work on patience ;-)

    Doing the exercises along the piano scales is a really good idea. I'll give it a try. In this forum there's so much information, I just try to get an overview. At the moment I try to understand "Rib Cage Expansion" in connection with "diaphragmatic support" and breathing. I've not fully understood that yet. But I'm shure, I'll get it.

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    Thank you Bob and Ben.i am pleased with the training so far,and It's so good to understand what should be happening in my body as Ken called it "Check points".It has really helped a great deal.i will soon post an audio demonstration for your assessment.

    Many thanks
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