Motivation by the Month?

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Hi all,

I'm 61, and love playing guitar. As a young adult I played in a few cover bands but never felt any confidence with singing. I no longer play in a cover band but would love to be able to both play and sing in social settings which is why I signed up (for the streaming pro option though I may may switch to download).

I work in healthcare and have a 20 - 25 minute commute to work each day which I've found convenient for exercises, though it's not ideal in terms of posture. Nevertheless a side benefit has been enjoying a more peaceful commute as I really don't mind getting cut off now or plodding along as it allows more time to practice.

As an infant I experienced a traumatic experience with my trachea due to an allergic reaction and a tracheotomy. I sometimes wondered over the years if the difficulties I had with singing were due to some intrinsic damage to my larynx even-though throughout my life I've had frequent comments mentioning how much people liked my speaking voice (you should've been in radio etc.). What I am finding is that my difficulties are common to almost everyone. Even in a few days I'm noticing some subtle improvements in passage from "chest" to "head" which has always seemed impossible without cracking. I'm starting to understand how the KT exercises can potentially lead to big time changes and am hopeful about the kinds of improvements that will enable me to lead sing-a-longs, rock open mics, and personally enjoy replicating songs that I've loved all my life.

regards to all,


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    You have chosen wisely, Eric. This program works, and your commute will bring vocal rewards to you, gradually as you maintain your good attitude and outlook towards vocal growth and learning. You will look back on this transition in years to come and know that it was the beginning of something you really enjoy.
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    Welcome Eric. Do you commute by car? I sang a lot when I was commuting to work in my car 10 years ago. I sometimes got so enthusiastic that I almost wasn't paying enough attention to the other traffic. Be warned, haha. The subtle improvements you mention will keep coming if you stick with this. I'm coming up on 4 months, and it feels huge. But you gotta put in the almost daily effort. So worth it though. Welcome aboard.
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    So, I agree Moftem; I have to stop the exercises at certain intersections and be careful in the snow because one can get lost in the exercise. One also wonders what other drivers who glance over may think. I had an exercise playing from my iPhone in the car and had it turned up a little too loud and noticed some odd looks from passersby. Thanks highmtn, it is something I really enjoy and will enjoy more when I can do it with skill. In terms of exercises, the burble is coming along and so are the basic exercises. I think there's a lot of muscle strengthening required as I've been getting the occasional ache in my lower side and back.
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