I'm Matthew.

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Hello, my name is Matthew. I'm new here, just purchased the pro bundle course, and wanted to introduce myself. I've been a musician for 25 years, guitar, bass, some piano. I've never worked on my voice and have always wanted to. I've recently been looking for the "holes in my game" so to speak when it comes to my guitar playing and musicianship. I've been studying theory a lot more and although quite competent at guitar, I'm not where I want to be, so I've been analyzing where I need to improve. One of the areas that I want to improve the most is my singing. It will add give me the opportunity to perform a lot more, and improve my performances a great deal. Anyways, enough rambling. Glad to be part of the forum, and look forward to exchanging ideas with others working on their singing here.

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    Welcome Matt (No pun intended)

    I play multiple instruments myself, but could not sing. Now after a short time I can. As a musician though you know instruments take time to learn, and the more you play, the better you get.
    Your voice is just another instrument. It just has more mechanics involved than most instruments.

    In the instruction video Ken demonstrates, and explains each technique in detail. For the audio workouts, just use the techniques from the video, and if you get stuck, or you are having a hard time understanding something, you can get a lot of information here at the forum. Just about everything has probably been asked, and answered, and if you're still stuck, The Moderators, and students will help you along. (Pretty cool)

    Anyway, have fun with it, and good luck to you.

    Peace, Tony
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    Thanks, appreciate it.
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    Hey Mat, nice to meet ya.
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    Nice to meet you too.
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