Black Sabbath ft Ian Gillan -"Born Again" (A5); hot line (distorted G#5); sustained A5 note

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Born Again - Black Sabbath (Ian Gillan) - cover - live sound check - Born Again album
This song requires quite a vocal range; could anyone tell me what the highest note in the song is?
My band performed this song during our sound check in our gig. There were actually only two people at the time when we played this song (early sound check, so the crowd didn't show up yet).

Hot Line

Yu-sheng, Zhang - He (River) - Cover; a sustained A5 note
Paying homage to my biggest influence as a vocalist, the late Taiwanese singer-songwriter Zhang Yu-sheng (1996-1997)
Original rendition by Zhang: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSrOY...
(The part I cover here starts from 4:03; please check it out if you haven't already. His rendition is way better than mine.)

Once I've warmed up my vocals, I can hit an A5 without too much strain; I'm now working on B5 as our band is going to cover Steelheart's Can't Stop Me Lovin' You.

Any feedback is welcome. Good singing to you all :)

One last thing: Ken 2.0 totally rocks! It's been doing wonders to my vocals. I can't thank you enough, @Ken Tamplin!
Currently on V4 (head voice) and toggling between v4, stretching, and mixing as recommended by Ken the master.

Peace out!

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