Jumpin Jack Flash

My first attempt at trying Mick Jagger. I was listening to youtube after my warm up, and started listening to this, and decided to try it.
There are plenty of mistakes, but I left it unedited, and with no effects. Just a dry vocal.
I do this because I've learned a lot from hearing other people's mistakes so maybe somebody can learn from my improper use of breath support, and vowel mods ha ha.



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    Such a cool tune! Are you doing each part separately, or singing while playing?
  • It was just a kareoke track that I found, and sang to. I like to spend most of my time working on my own material so if I can get away with using a kareoke track it saves me time.
    The covers I do are mainly for fun, and practice.
    With my band I play drums, and sing this one

    Peace, Tony
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    Thought your were a guitarist?
  • I am a guitarist, and a bassist, and a drummer, and a keyboard player, and now a singer lol
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    Hey Tony,

    First of all, thanks so much for sharing, always like it when people do.
    Overal i think it's a good effort. But there are quite some pitch issues, also on some of the sustained notes.

    Also, i think you can get a brighter and more open tone. I can hear that you are holding back your air etc. as we learn in KTVA (probably glottal compression) which is good, but it seems to miss some of the bright ping and open throat sound. As if the sound is too closed down, or small. As if you are also holding back on some of the brightness.

    Really open up the throat area in your scales, get the super bright AH just like Ken does. I am not saying there is no ping or brightness at all, but this is how i experience this song you did. I am convinced that the overal sound and tone can be improved upon. You have a solid foundation.

    In my journey, i can still slack a little on some aspects of singing, and later correct it. A post by @Furious_Phil recently talked about how he opened up his throat just that little more, and got more ping on a higher note. Something small like that can mean the world to you. Sometimes when i struggle with a high note, i come to find much later that i wasn't doing it right, or as effective as i could have done. These little discoveries will really fortify your performance over time. It's experience.

    As for opening the throat. Maybe it's important to say that opening your mouth isn't also really opening the throat. The yawn sensation for example opens up the throat a lot, and some people can benefit from a little extra yawn combined with a solid ping. I am not saying you don't know this, but i think it's a good reminder.

    I hope you don't think this post was harsh, that is not my intention. I want us all to be amazing singers here.

    One last thing. Posting dry vocal demos etc. is super informative for everyone, and it especially will help the one that posts it a lot. I haven't posted much, but it all helps because of the feedback. So thanks again.

    All the best,

  • I don't mind the criticism at all. Every bit of information helps.

    I do notice that when I sing, and it seems to happen after certain consonants that my throat dulls the sound.
    Mostly H's, and R's. Ive read a lot about singing without consonants, but I'm not that far into the program yet.

    Also the difficulty level of the song was more than I anticipated. During the third, and final verse, I was running out of steam. Not breath-wise, but more muscle in the throat issues.

    I think the hardest part of that song for me was to generate the energy in my voice, and it still came out to be a watered down version of the original. Mick sings with more grit, and attitude than what I could muster up ha ha.

    I appreciate the listen, and the advice. This place wouldn't work without the support of the mods, and students. I just wish more would participate because you can learn easier when you have different explanations for the same thing. 3+1=4, but so does 2+2...................

    Peace, Tony
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    How do your combined scales go? for example, the combined AH+AA scale, where 2 scales are done in one breath. I think VOL2 had those. Do you notice similar troubles with the throat?

    Vowel mods will reduce throat tension, but you can also kind of 'pinch' sounds, which always asks more of the throat. Usually the tendency to do that is up high, but always monitor yourself.

    As for difficulty in songs, some songs without significant high notes can be much harder depending on the lyrics, melodies and sustain. It can take you by surprise sometimes!

    All the best,

  • I only have trouble with the combined scales when it gets up high. Funny thing is........I understand the techniques, concepts, and know what their functions are, it's just the physical part of it that I'm having trouble with.
    Considering the fact that I had zero singing knowledge, and experience when I joined the program, I think i'm doing ok for the short period of time I've been here. I may be a little under average but that's ok as long as I get where I want to go eventually.

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    You are doing great Tony. I can hear you using the techniques. My pitch used to be absolutely awful... i felt so bad after the first time i rehearsed with a friend, because it just really wasn't good at all.

    My recommendations still stand, and i hope they help you. Maybe it's an idea to upload a simple LAH scale in the future?

    You are well on your way in becoming a good singer. Don't let go!

    The combined scales require some more stamina, so it's not strange that you struggle more on those. You can really see it as a stamina exercise. I don't reach my chest limits in stamina exercises because it's too hard. Ken also says that it's normal on those exercises.

    All the best,

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    Thanks for the advice Ben. I will definitely try your recommendations.

    I do believe that it's just a stamina thing, but other than keeping up with my warm ups, I'm not sure how to correct that problem.

    For the record, I love criticism. So don't ever feel that you're beating up on me. Keep it coming. That's how I learn.
    I'm in this for the long haul. Nothing is going to discourage me.

    Thanks again Ben.

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