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Hi there, it is my 2nd full week of lesson one exercises. I practice daily for 30 min to an hour and my voice seems to be getting hoarse. It feels dry and scratchy all of the time and I am not sure if this is normal after starting this program? I have a performance singing 3 rock songs on Feb 23 and concerned I will sound "dry". Any comments/thoughts are appreciated! Thanks Sonya


  • Make sure you are drinking enough water, and try not to use too much volume.

    Peace, Tony
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    The course should not make you hoarse. As Tony said, you could be using too much volume, or you may be trying to force your voice higher than it is ready to go at this point. Just back off on the force you are using, volume wise, air wise, high-note wise. Feb 23 is just around the corner, and whatever you are doing that may be wearing out your voice needs to ease off.

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    Also try and be patient. The changes with KTVA don't come overnight. Some technique things can be learned fast, but real progress is made over a longer amount of time. During your journey, you will slowly start to eliminate any bad habits, and incorporate more and more good habits. Piece by piece you will master it in the end.

    It's a very important thing about KTVA to know, as i have experienced this myself. It truly works, and it's so rewarding.

    If you need help with your technique and exercises, you can always upload some video or audio material to the forum for us to listen to. This can give you some very valuable feedback. I've uploaded a few things myself, and i learned a lot from them. People are very generous here with regard to listening to other material and giving it feedback.

    All the best,

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    Excellent pointers on the Volume levels and on how to use work outs more effectively.

    Thanks everyone.

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    @vintageandsass Hello! That's what can happen - when we have a singing breath - it's very deep and our lungs get rid of much more water then usual. So that's what can happen. Drink more water then you would usually do! And see what's happen, should help anyway!
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