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Is Ken Tamplin's course too "rock-ish"?

I am interested to purchase Ken Tamplin's main course, but before I have a question and I want to get your honest opinion. He is a great singer and great teacher and has a lot of knowledge accomplished about the years but i have one question: Isn't this course too rock based?
I mean I am interested in singing more like pop, r&b or even some kind of pop-oriental music (like greek music or arabic modern songs). I'm not so keen in rock music (I kinda dislike it) and I want to know if Ken's course is mainly based in developing a strong, distorted rock&metal voice. I mean I know he covers various types of singing, but, while you were learning his course didn't you feel that it is mainly "rock based"?
I respect Ken a lot and he is an amazing singer but I really want to know if that is true.
Thank you so much in advance!


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  • bentkbentk Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 1,650
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    No, KTVA is not only for rock. It simply teaches you to get the best from your voice. This is done through learning healthy technique and doing exercises regularly. You learn to strengthen every part of your voice, and then you end up with a giant toolbox to choose how you like to sing.

    KTVA is a journey, it takes time and dedication. In the end, it pays off big time, i know this myself after 1,5 year on the program.

    Ken sings quite some stuff very heavy chest, and with distorted sounds. He likes that, Ken is Ken. He also demonstrates other styles of singing. Also, check out his student demonstrations. Everybody is different, and to a certain extent, chooses how they sing. When you start to master the content in KTVA, you will notice that you are able to sing higher than before, longer, better tone, and are able to use all kinds of textures because your vocal ability has become very broad.

    Singing with distortion is possible in a healthy way, and you can learn this in KTVA, but that is not a foundation of singing. I never learned to do the distortion as i am not interested in it.

    Even if you don't want a bigger chest voice range, it is simply best to always train every part of your voice to complete your toolbox. It gives much more vocal freedom, and this is all taught at KTVA.

    One last thing, the forum is a goldmine and full of helpful people. Sure helped me a lot.

    All the best,

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    KTVA teaches you how to build the voice. What you do with the voice after that is your choice. There is so much in KTVA about things that have nothing to do with any specific genre, but rather with the core and very elemental building blocks of the voice, that apply to the entire spectrum of voice.

    The Basis of KTVA comes from Bel Canto roots. But it's modernized to fit the American version of English, so instead of studying Italian vowels only, several Americanized vowels are also included to apply to Rock, Pop, Country, R and B, etc. Otherwise you will sound like an Opera Singer. Nothing wrong with that if you like Opera, but the majority are interested in Rock, Pop, Country, Rockabilly, Gospel, and other genres that are a little less classically oriented.

    What is cool about KTVA is that if you ARE interested in the ROCK sounds, KTVA blows the others off the map for that style and doing it safely. But it's your voice, and if you don't want to use it in that way, you simply don't. You learn to control your voice, and that would be part of that control.
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    I see i double posted. i thought one got lost somehow. Will delete one of them now. My apologies.
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    Thanks a lot! I'm gonna purchase this great course in the next days
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