Howdy from an experienced shower singer :)

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Hey everyone!
My name's Philippe from Alberta, Canada. I hope you're all enjoying your lessons. I have yet to get mine in the mail, but I am very excited, after reading all the positive about the lessons and what they've done for you, your voice, and your confidence after discovering the singing talent within you you never thought you had, to get my DVDs and CDs. 
As it stands, I'm right there with you. I have years experience singing in the shower, but I have yet to hit that note, sing from the heart, and follow along to my favourite songs. And, I am starting to feel bad for my landlady upstairs who has to listen to me butcher those Celine Dion and Journey songs...and even worst... my favourite country songs LOL! Poor her. The advil shelf at the pharmacy must be empty haha! I've been considering a vocal coach for a few years because I LOVE singing, and highly believe in the therapeutic uses of singing, but time and/or money worked against me, so I'm so happy to have this opportunity to do my lessons when I have the time. I really look forward reading more about your progress....and maybe even...hearing you one day!! :)


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