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How Do You Get Started In This Business?

Hey y'all!

I know, I know...I'm like still on volume 1 but I'd like to get an idea of what needs to be done in the future (which means after I learn how to sing of course lol) in order to make this a career This is all so extremely new to me and I just want an idea of where to start when I feel confident enough in my talent to start putting stuff out there. So if you have any information on the questions below I would greatly appreciate it : ).Here are my questions:

1. How do you get a band together to start performing?

2. If I don't have a band, would it be wise to learn the guitar to begin performing solo until I get one?

3. How do you make money from a singing without being a celebrity? (stupid question I know, but I have no idea)

4. Is it really hard to get studio time to record songs?

5. How do you book shows exactly? Do you call up a venue and ask to play?


As you can probably tell after reading those questions...I'm sooo lost!


Thanks again guys for your help guys : )



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    sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
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    Those are some great questions.  I'll try to answer as many as I can.

    1.  You can put up an ad at any music store if you are looking for musicians.  Or if you have friends that play, thats an even better place to start.  If you are serious about putting a band together, make sure that you yourself are ready.  Have songs that you can sing.  If you want to start gigging, you may need 30-40 songs.  Start with what you know and branch out from there.
    2.  Performing solo is a great way to start out.  The pay is usually next to nothing, but you are not paying a band to back you.  that can get expensive.  Plus, your travel costs will be less, as you will not need a van to haul around gear.  
    3.  There are a lot of ways to make money without being a celebrity.  You can play live (usually the most direct income source).  to be honest, the money is not great at first.  If you write your own songs, there are ways to make money from your songs ie publishing, recording, tv placement.  Either way takes a lot of hard work, and getting to know the right people.
    4.  Its not hard to get studio time, if you have the money:).  Studio time can be anywhere from 60$-hundreds of dollars per hour.  I play in an original band, and we pay around 5k per song which includes the producer studio time, musicians etc.  Its not a cheap business.  Of course you can record for a lot cheaper.  Ask around your area, see what some of the rates are.
    5.  Booking shows-at first your only option is to ask around.  Agents will book shows for you for a commission, but they usually only take on established artists, that make them some coin.  check out the local coffee shops, or smaller venues.  again when first starting out you may be paying to play.

    I hope this helps, and doesn't discourage you too much.  It can be a great business, but it does take time patience, and planning.  I've been working with my band for almost 10yrs.  We've had 2 top 40 hits in Canada, put out 3 albums, and it is still a struggle, but things are starting to come together.  Who knows what will happen.  At the end of the day I love the music, and can't quit, even when i want to.  All the best.

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    Alex_BuzmakovAlex_Buzmakov Enrolled Posts: 26

    1. Ads. But make a clever one that will ensure you find a right people to you. (in terms of music style, for ex.)
    2. You can, but if your goals don't include guitar playing I'd prefer not to do so. You can easely find a guitarist for that purpose.
    3. 'Idea' is a key word. Do not concentrate too much on already established ways of getting money, Find your own ways! Be creative - there are a lot of posibilities.
    4. Money will make you desired guest in any studio =)
    5. You can participate in contests at first or play on small ones or even on the street.

    Are you really serious about music business? If so, you need to 
    1) Have a good team of great people
    2) Have an insight of who you are and what do you want to give to the world
    3) Know business you're in
    4) Know right people
    5) Worth knowing
    6) Be a businessman. Or find a good manager. But in todays situation I'd prefer both.
    7) Have clear stated goals
    8) Have a plan towards your goals
    9) Have a burning desire and unstoppable energy inside you

    Can you posses all of that? Definetely. Is it take time? Of cause. But it's worth it. Always remember the quote I really like "A Quitter Never Wins. A Winner Never Quits". It helped me a lot in my own musical life.

    Your life is in your hands. Rule it towards your success!

    Best wishes,
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    sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
    Great advice Alex, I couldn't agree more!
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    TrentawilsonTrentawilson Enrolled Posts: 13
     @sspatrick @Alex_buzmakovThank you sooo much for all of this great information you've both provided to me!! You guys rock : )
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