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Moving to vol 2, I need some advice

panteropantero Posts: 27Enrolled
edited October 2012 in Ken Tamplin's Corner
Hi Ken!

I'm 3 months into KTVA. Doing vol1 and only tried vol2 few times. I'm going to move to vol2 now.
But as I have tried vol2 exercises few times I can't find the way to add that grit that I have lower into my sound when going up. I feel I'm actually losing my rasp.
Should I just do these exercises as lightly as possible? Does that lift my chest higher?
Should I start working with higher rasp sound only when starting vol3?

I have this song which I would like you to break down and tell me exactly where I'm going with my singing :)

I would need to have chorus and that high part "door" to be much much more of everything. :)

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