How to increase chest voice range?

Hi all! I really love singing and I am very passionate about it. I'm 15 years old, and I am in a choir. I classify under a bass 2, which is the lowest section in the choir. I would say that I can easily hit a D2 or a C#2 comfortably with my chest. Higher notes however, don't come as easy. My highest comfortable note sung with proper technique using chest voice would probably be a D4. I can go up to an F4 however, more or less comfortably with some strain in my voice. Singing an F#4 however requires me to really start shouting. Without shouting, I'll sound like a dying duck trying to hit it with my chest voice! Shouting would probably take me to a G4 and (sometimes on good singing days) G#4. Anything beyond that would be completely out of my range. I would like to practice how to belt higher into probably a Bb4 (B4 would be my dream) and also how to hit the lower F#4 and G4 more comfortably.


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    Lucas, if you want to really see results I would advise you to get the course, as it literally safely guides you through all the stages. In the interim, Ken has lots of free videos out there to help prime you for the full-on course.
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    Yes in this course Ken explains what to do and why to do it now, it helps a lot, it's very gradual. ))
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    You can really expand your chest voice with this course. Like others already mentioned here, it is completely explained in the course. Remember it grows gradually as you adapt better technique and exercise frequently. Patience is needed, but there can be a big pay-off if you are willing to dedicate.

    All the best!

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