Adele - Skyfall

andrewmsingsandrewmsings Enrolled Posts: 10
Hey guys! So I have a YouTube channel where I post at least one vocal cover a week (or at least I try to). This week's cover was Skyfall by Adele and I wanted to post it here and get some feedback and constructive criticism.

I think it really shows where my voice is at right now. Not perfect but singing is a lot more fun now, because my throat doesn't always freaking hurt! haha. So go ahead guys, lay it on me. Where should I be focusing on improving? I know for one thing, I have trouble belting long high notes. Singing high with words is fine because I guess the consonants give me some cord closure, but that last belted note in this song gave me fits.


Edit: I should mention the audio doesn't always match the video in this song because in this particular cover I was rushed for time and had to settle for using two different takes as opposed to one perfect take


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