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EE vowel trouble

XiaXia Enrolled Posts: 4
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Hi Ken!

I think I have found the proper placement for AH vowel, but the EE vowel still causes troubles.

Please check the audio example here: https://www.box.com/s/0t481rm9td135vfeo2jf

It's A below high C, and I can actually go higher up to F-G with chest sensation on the AH vowel. But when I try to keep chest on EE I have to modify it too much, so it sounds nothing like EE anymore. On the other hand if I try to keep the EE articulation it just flips to head.

Please give suggestions how to fix that? Is it lack of power and comes with time and practice?


  • Ken TamplinKen Tamplin Administrator, Moderator Posts: 446

    If you listen closely to your "ah" vowel you will notice that not only do you not have trouble singing it, but it's only sounds mid-way through your belting call register.

    When you sing your first "ee" vowel you rely way too heavily on an early vowel mod to eh (like led).

    The on your third sample you try to stay in mask and yodle/break.

    Ask youself this question:

    Why do I have the strength to easily sustain the same note in the ah vowel but not true ee?

    The answer is support first and second, your throat "spasms" just before the top note.

    Sing first La (like laugh) and then slowly work in the ee vowel quickly at the end of your scale and you will be able to maintain and sustain not just this note, but many notes beyond this.

    Then work up Lay (like lay) to the ee Lay - ee.

    Then work up ee - eh (like led) back to ee.

    Use this judiciously because as your voice grows you will want to save this "chit" later for a higher note.



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