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Hello fellow KTVA students! My name Zach. I am a 27 year old college student studying Mechanical Engineering, and I am hoping to graduate this upcoming December, finally!

Anyway, I am not a very experienced singer. I sang in choir in elementary school for like a year, maybe. Other than that, I have pretty much no vocal experience, other than singing at Church every Sunday. I did, however, play the trumpet all through middle school and high school. So I do have some musical experience.

I have always wanted to take some vocal lessons and try to develop my singing voice. I have been told by some friends and family members that I can sing pretty well. Nothing spectacular, but decent nonetheless. In fact, while I was a missionary in Mexico for two years, I was asked quite frequently to lead our congregations in singing since oftentimes I was pretty much the only one who could sing at all. Lol.

I have also done Karaoke a few times on cruise ships. Sometimes I did okay, other times I humiliated myself, haha.

Anyway, seeing Ken do a cover of AC DC pretty much sold me on this program, as well as seeing all the positive reviews from people who have tried out his program. My dream is to be able to do vocal covers of various rock songs, everything from Classic Rock, to Hard Rock, Metal, Grunge, etc. My biggest dream is to be able to cover songs sung by Chris Cornell. I don't know if that will ever be a reality, but it is something I wish to strive for.

Anyway, I hope to get to know some of you well and watch as we grow together. It's a pleasure to start this program.

While I'm here, I wish to ask one question from more experienced members. I did the exercises Ken demonstrates in his Vol. 1 videos. My throat now feels a little different just after one day. Not bad or super sore or anything, just like it's been worked. I wish to practice as often as I can, at least an hour a day 4-5 days a week. How do I know if I need to cut back or if I have done too much work and need to rest my voice? Is some throat soreness okay or should there never be soreness? Your input would greatly appreciated.


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    It's normal to feel as though you have had a workout at first. As you progress, you will begin to be able to sing the exercises more easily, but as you grow, you will keep stretching, so always be taking your voice a little bit further.

    Just remember to stretch, but not strain. If it's painful, that's too much. Just take the scales as far as is comfortable, and then skip on to a part that you can handle if it gets too high. Your voice will grow. An hour per day is a good, healthy amount. You can really go for more time if you have it available, as long as you don't experience any hoarseness or roughness in the voice.

    So a little bit sore, like sore muscles after the first time you work out, is fine... but not painful sore, just the kind that lets you know you worked out. Don't overdo the volume, either.

    If you find yourself hoarse, or too sore, think back at what you did. Sometimes you won't realize it until the next day, that you overdid something. In cases like that, think back about what you did, how loud or how high, or how hard you sang. Was there a point where you maybe overdid one or more of those things? If so, just bring that down a notch and keep going. You will learn to recognize your own limitations. Stay within them, but stretch a little bit every day, too.
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    Thanks for the response highmtn! I'll keep that in mind.
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    Hello @zowman! Great to see you here!
    Yes of course as we start that new routine - our voice can feel different. However keep reminding yourself to relax as often as you can. Do as best as Ken says and relax. Also it's good to make some breaks between workouts. Soon it will become normal for your voice to have that new schedule ))
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    Thanks Alyona!
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