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Hi everyone. My name is Xavier and I've been singing all my life, professionally for several decades. I took several years of vocal training when I was much younger but I signed up for Ken's course as I started practicing his free vocal warm ups on Youtube and it helped a lot. I've been taking lessons for 3 months now and i've gotten back some of the ground I had lost, both by not having lessons for years and I am sure getting older does affect you as well.
I am a songwriter as well, go by the name of Songwriter X. We have a Youtube channel and we post a music video a week. Lotta work but it's fun! My voice has improved quite a bit in the last three months and I'm looking forward to getting it much better! Here is the last video we made: https://youtu.be/bGrCKkbIng8 One big concern I do have is that my head voice has gotten raspy over the years. Seems I have too much phlegm, and even though the warm up exercises are great and they do open up my voice, my head voice is still not back as it used to be, clear as a bell. Anyway, that is my main concern at this time but I tell you this course is great and I'm looking forward to much more! Thank you, Xavier


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    It's plain to see that you and your crew have a good time with your music. You will learn a lot with your KTVA course. Be prepared to take all of your previous vocal training with a grain of salt.

    Pay attention to what Ken is teaching, and your voice will grow and grow. Despite what you've learned in the past, you are just getting started.
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    sounds good to me!
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