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Hi guys. I'm a new student but I've been singing for several years. I'm 42 years old and in recent years I have really struggled with vocal stamina where I once didn't. Yesterday I had band rehearsal but earlier in the day I was doing the audio workouts in lesson 1. By the end of the night I had completely blown my voice out and today my throat is still very soar. I have a gig Saturday. Can any of you recommend anything to help me get my throat/voice back in shape? Thanks in advance for any and all help.


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    Hello @rickhodge88! My tip would be probably very common - to be silent for a couple of days. And start gently warm up the day before the gig. Drink more water, sleep a bit longer. It should get back into shape!
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    rickhodge88rickhodge88 STREAMING PRO Posts: 16
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    First of all, welcome!

    I fear that you may have been over-singing. With that i mean singing with too much volume. This is one of the biggest reasons that your voice goes hoarse/sore. It's similar to losing your voice at a concert because you are 'shouting' along with the songs, although to a lesser extent of course. Another reason might be pushing too much pressure into the throat, and dragging up too much 'weight'.

    Try and get back into your routine with some easier and gentle exercises first such as the lip roll, tongue exercise, and low volume bridging exercises. When the soreness/hoarseness starts to leave, you can slowly get back into your standard routine. Don't push anything. If there is pain or discomfort, it's too much. Then you rest.

    I am not sure that this is the reason your voice got sore, because i haven't heard you sing. So do correct me if i'm wrong!

    Keep yourself hydrated every day, the whole day.

    All the best,

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    rickhodge88rickhodge88 STREAMING PRO Posts: 16
    @bentk....Thank you so much for that! I am almost 100% certain that you are correct. Oftentimes I think I probably do associate singing properly with singing with volume. Being a student of the academy and a member of this forum will help me break so many bad habits that I've had for many years.
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