I Keep Forgetting (Michael McDonald Cover/Reworking)

Evenin' folks,

I've been away for a while and let my practice slide, badly...so I effectively started from scratch again to see how well I'd integrated Ken's lessons from before. This was the first thing I'd recorded in almost 9 months but the ease with which I could still negotiate the passagio and dance around with the notes on the ad-lib, all learned through applying Ken's techniques, was surprising even to me! And bear in mind, I hadn't sung properly for at least six months due to various personal stuff happening, so I think this confirms just how effective KTVA is at every level.

Here's my reworking of Michael McDonald's "I Keep Forgetting", recorded better and with less noise than before, and also with a decent, in tune guitar. I recorded, mixed and mastered the whole thing so it's pretty basic but does the job! I look forward to and appreciate any feedback, positive or otherwise, you'd like to give.



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