The new 'old' guy!

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Hey there singers! I browsed and posted feedback to a few other intros to get some ideas of how to introduce myself.
I was a professional musician (full-time travel and primary income) for about 9-10 years.
That was from age 25 to 35. Now I'm 54.

Though I sang 4-5 hours a night, and backed up other singers with my guitar and keyboards, I packed it in @ 35 when I got custody of my two daughters. I had to start a career that would allow me to raise the girls and provide for them better than my musician income would.

Now I have my own software company and I'm trying to work my way into retirement, so I can spend a lot more time in my recently built studio. I've been doing MIDI tracks since MIDI was invented, but I've rarely had opportunity to record myself singing. Back in my road days, we used to connect a cassette recorder to a send off of the board, and listen to that, but it too easy to blame 'quality of recording', although I must admit I think I was better then, than now, simply from doing it all the time. Still, I was always sure that I was disadvantaged from not having any instruction, like I'm getting now from Ken.

So it's 'back to the beginning' in my studio. Breaking old habits and learning new, good habits.
I'm no longer on a path to be a rock star. I just do it because I love it, and the pressure of trying to please audiences, agents, or whomever, is gone.

If I can be helpful to anyone, I'm always willing. However, don't count on me for any great vocal advice just yet. I'll probably be more full of questions than answers, LOL. So with that, I'd better get back to Ken. I'm still in volume 1, Lip Drills. :-)
Cheers and best wishes to all!



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    One of my favourite things is seeing people learning new things throughout their lives, and I love that you have this new goal that you're pursuing. :)

    The lip drills <3:D Doing those led to the first of many great discoveries from Volume 1. I thought I could only do them by having my fingers applying pressure on my cheeks, but I quickly found, from following Ken's advice, that it's possible to do them correctly. They're such a nice part of the warm up!
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    Welcome on board @themav! Great to hear you've gotten back into this after such a long absence, and from one father to another your commitment to your kids is heartwarming. I also turned my back on a rockstar lifestyle to take care of my daughter, but I wouldn't change a day of it.

    What sort of setup are you running in your studio? Hopefully you can get some help and advice on recording your voice more regularly and mixing it. I look forward to picking your brains for tips on old-school recording techniques...hahaha!

    Seriously though, you've struck gold with KTVA and getting your voice back up to scratch. It's a tremendously useful programme and really does what it says on the proverbial tin, so good luck with your progress.

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    Thanks! In the studio I have the PreSonus Studio Live 32 console with their software Studio One 3 Pro. I do MIDI tracks and lay my gtr and vocal tracks with them. At the moment I'm thinking about just recording some scales and exercises and listening back to them. LOL
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