Seven Seas Of Rhye

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This is one of the oldest Queen songs.
Give me feedback on whether this recording sounds good, and how the vocals sound as well.
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    Sounds a lot better, but the background music needs to come down just a tad.

    You doubled the main vocal which is cool, but when you do that put one track far left, and the other far right.
    I don't take them 100% left or right, maybe 75-80%. That way you can set the background music 100% left/right without muddying up the mix, and have better separation.

    The vocals are sounding good my friend. Keep pushing for the stars.

    Peace, Tony
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    It can come down just a hair more (background music), but sounding good.

    What type of EQ are you working with? 3 band? 6-band? 25 band?

    The reason I ask is because your vocals are naturally thin so it would be a good idea to add some body to the vocals, more warmth. you can do this a couple of ways. You can just EQ one of the main vocals to add warmth, or do both at the same time, but watch you dont set the EQ the same for both tracks. Make one different.

    The frequency for the vocals is in and around the 1khz area so you'll want to concentrate on that with vocals.

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    Nice one, @Diego that's sounding much, much better. I agree with Tony's points about EQ'ing and panning, but I can hear you've corrected the balance on the second mix. My only difference with Tony's advice would be that your vocal is likely to sit closer to 3-4kHz, which doesn't seem like much of a difference but adding too much around the 1.25kHz to 500Hz range will likely make your vocal muddy and add too much of that boxy sound I'd mentioned before.

    Are you using Audacity for your recordings? If so, I'll try to screengrab a few pics of the EQ and settings to see if that'd help.

    Your high harmonies in this are excellent, really nice and punchy sounding and not at all weaker than the rest of your performance. Good work, mate!
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    @Furious_Phil What do you think about this one? How does it sound to you?
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    @videoace I'm still learning on how to apply EQ. I haven't applied EQ to it.
    So I'm looking for in-depth tutorials on the subject.
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    @TommyM Thank you for the feedback!
    I am using Audacity.
    "Your high harmonies in this are excellent, really nice and punchy sounding and not at all weaker than the rest of your performance." Thank you, I tried to balance them and make them mix well. I also panned most of the harmonies which I think made it sound better as well. Once I learn how to apply EQ and all of that fancy stuff you engineering junkies put in, these recordings will boost up in quality!

    Thank you!
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    What vocal type do you think I am? I've been asked this before and I don't really have an answer.
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    At a guess, I'd say you're a tenor if not a high-tenor. I don't know a whole lot about vocal fachs (I think that's how it's spelled) and that sort of thing, but based on what little I've learned so far and listening to your dry vocals you're lacking the lower resonance that would come with being a baritone or even, I believe, a high-baritone like Ken.

    I could be miles off so, as always, I stand to be corrected.
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    edited April 2018
    I've heard somewhere I was a baritone , because I can sing songs that are low. But I can get into the high register as well. So I can try doing a song in my lower register, see if that helps. Any song suggestion?

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    I could be totally wrong so don't take my word for it, it's a guess based on what little I've heard of your vocal. The original one you sent me for "Somebody to Love" was already mixed with other vocal lines so it was hard to hear the lower end. Plus your uploads are generally in the higher range, so I'm probably influenced by thinking that's an example of your whole range and just hearing the higher stuff. I recall your Bowie section in "Under Pressure" being fairly low, but it didn't seem to have the same sort of roundedness that you'd hear in a baritone. Again, could be down to the recording or any number of things, or just the fact that I'm wrong! Hahaha!

    On listening back and really listening, and checking out your other stuff on Soundcloud, I would definitely discount a high tenor 'cause hearing your lower voice on "How
    Deep Is Your Love" (which is really good, by the way) does sound quite rich and thick. I still don't know whether you'd naturally be considered a high-baritone or tenor, I'm sure Bob or Phillip would be able to say with more confidence and knowledge than I. It may be that the way you thin out your voice is giving me the impression that you're lacking as much weight as I've got down there vocally.

    For example, check out my cover of Gregory Porter's "Hey Laura" (excuse the crap recording quality, I didn't have my good software at that point for noise removal, etc) - I can't remember exactly, but I think I go down into the 0's on the keyboard, so it's basically a bass part but you can hear that my voice sounds really rounded in that range. I can hear a similar sort of resonance in your voice but, to my ears at least, it sounds like it's coming from 'higher', if that makes sense, than mine does. I'm pretty confident that I'm a baritone (no idea if it's high or not) so that's what I'm basing my comparison on, rather than any technical knowledge.
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    That's weird, it won't play on my work machine...
    I'll try later on another device.

    Vocal Fach actually is far more complex that most people realize.
    It has less to do with your available note range (which can be increased), and is more in line with where your first and second passagio lay. So in essence, it is not a modifiable value via practice, rather it is more aligned with the mechanics of your vocal stages.
    The quickest way to deduce the 2 points is to use something like "SingScope" and go up your scales until you hit the first carbuncle (1st passagio) and jot that note down, then continue till you hit the second one, and note that down. Those 2 values are then used to denote your actual vocal fach.

    @highmtn - Do you possibly have the actual chart for this, or some sort of online calculator, as there is so much misinformation on it on the internet. tks
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    Just got to it on my iPhone... sounds pretty cool!
    I don't know the song at all, but it sounds groovy to my ears :-)
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    Love this song, and it sounds fun
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