My name is Mick. I'm 45 and grew up in southern Virginia, but I live in Philly. I'm a pretty good piano player. If you walked into a restaurant and saw me playing, you'd say, "Oh, look, they have a piano player." But if you walked into that same restaurant while I was singing, you'd say, "Gee, I guess it must be open mic night or something." I sing well enough to lead old folk in a retirement home in sing alongs (something I do all the time) but I don't feel my voice is ready for the big leagues, let a lone the minor leagues.

I spent eight years travelling around the world performing street magic, passing a hat, and actually lived quite well this way. But a few years ago,the muse of magic stopped singing to me. I was in New Orleans, so I started taking piano lessons from my favorite jazz pianist. A year later, I had an hour long set (I had played in high school, so I wasn't starting from scratch). I followed a girl to Philly and started going around to all the old folks homes in the area and getting them to pay me to play for the residents.

I practice piano assiduously, record myself and listen critically, and have seen huge progress in a relatively short time. I want to apply the same dedication to my voice work. I love the way Ken sings and I have taken a liking to him. But the number one reason I signed up for the program was the forum. If I can post examples of me doing the exercises and get feedback from someone who knows what she's talking about, that will be gold to me.


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358
    Then you have come to the right place, Mick. It might be a he or it might be a she, but you can definitely post demos, especially of your KTVA student exercises and get some real-world help from people who care and are here to help.

    Maybe we can help you put some magic into your voice!


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    What a fascinating life you've led! I have no doubt that the dedication you put into your piano practice will also let you reap benefits as you apply it to this course.
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