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How to know what genre or type of song suits our voice?

XHellChrisXHellChris Pro Posts: 98
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Is there such thing as certain voice only suit certain style or genre/type of songs? How do I identify what kind of song suits my voice? I mostly sing Chinese songs and rarely English songs but kind of fluent in both language. Hopefully language of the songs doesn't matter in music so that you guys can help me with this issue :#


Here is a sample of a chinese song that me and my bandmate are still working on it. If this helps with identifying what kind of songs is suitable for my voice. It's not really up to standard yet. We have 3 vocalist including me so my own solo part comes in at about 2:23. I would also like to have some feedback/criticisms on my singing if possible , so that I can improve.


  • TommyMTommyM Pro Posts: 270
    It's a bit difficult to really offer much feedback on your vocal as all of the voices seem too quiet, but also a little noisy too which is probably just down to how you're recording. I don't understand a word of Chinese unfortunately, but the song sounded really beautiful and the melodies are gorgeous. I really like your female singers voice too, it's very sweet and poppy but emotional.

    In terms of your main question, i.e. which genre suits your voice(s): All three voices involved are quite different, but I don't believe any of you would sound all that great singing death metal stuff or anything! Hahaha! I'm not sure whether it's even a good idea to try to box yourselves in vocally and only focus on one genre. Exploring and experimenting with different styles can teach you a LOT about your voice. For example, I'm primarily a rock and soul singer, but I sing stuff like cartoon theme tunes, song from musicals like "Guys & Dolls" and other weird, unusual cover versions just to expand my range and see what sounds good.

    You guys probably know yourselves which genres you'd prefer to play in and what suits your style. Personally, the best I could offer would be that you sound good doing pop music, maybe some lighter indie and folk sorta styles would suit you too but ultimately it's up to yourselves. Don't limit yourselves, you've all clearly got talent so explore it and find out what works best for YOU.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 2,111
    Your vocals need more breath support. Even if you are singing soft, and low, you should still have some level of support, and I really don't hear that.

    As far as what genre? My advice would be the same as Tommy's, sing what you love. That's where you will shine.

    Peace, Tony
  • XHellChrisXHellChris Pro Posts: 98
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    Yeah.. the mobile device that was recording was facing directly at the other 2 vocalist while I was sitting opposite of them. I agree that our female vocalist have a nice sweet voice too hahaha

    We're not into death metal so we probably won't be touching it hahahaha. I have thought of trying rock/soft rock but it requires higher vocal chest range so that it would sound nicer rather than to bridge here and there, but I have yet to be able to hit higher than G4 in chest note so I guess I'll have to stretch more before trying out rock genres.

    I personally prefer singing pop, indie and ballad related genre but not all pop or ballad suits my voice. Some song just sounds weird when I sing it while some just goes well although it's from the same genre/style. For example the song sample that I uploaded, I feel that it doesn't suit my voice.

    Is there a certain way to identify if a voice is unique or versatile from just hearing it?

    @videoace How do you identify whether someone is not using enough breath support? Is it through certain quality or timbre the voice is producing?

    Thanks a lot for all your feedbacks. I just want to understand my voice more from listening to public perspectives so that I can improve on it and grow more so to perform better.

    Here is another sample of us covering the same song but this time round I get to solo more parts, you will also be able to hear me singing more in my higher chest notes although it really isn't up to standard yet. Hopefully this gives you guys more of an idea to how my voice sounds like when singing high and low.
    Sample 1: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1pM9bpOsjVu
    I come in at around the 1:33 mark.
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