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My name is Petra, 35, from Germany. I have started in my early childhood with singin. Quite classical trained, even opera singer wanted to become, but, unfurtunately, this would be prevented by several illnesses. Still I have further sung, however, only in the area musical and pop. Then one day it happened and I could sing no more tone... more than eight years.

Just three years ago it was again so far and singing swept back in my life. I also decided to go again to my old singing teacher. however, this decision was hardly made, she died suddenly an unexpectedly. Their burial was one of the darkest days in my life, because she was not only my singing teacher, but also narrow friend. My heart was empty and sing al lot to me heavier than ever...
However, surrender is not valid and she would be disappointed if I did not sing any more.
So I am caught again in to train. I sing a lot since again, but by far any more in the quality as earlier. Some month ago I found Ken and his students on YouTube, a new inspiration was found. For a few days I‘m a KTVA student and am glad to find again my voice. Not in the old kind an points, but anew.


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