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Hi everyone, Im Nader from Chile, really wanting to improve my poor singing. I had some experience with SLS method and i think it destroyed my voice even more lol. Seriously, I got some kind of weak chest to head connection and I cannot get rid of it. In fact i think I start to mix in D4, and Im a Tenor. I mean, before SLS i was able to shout an A4 (lotss of pain) but now my A4 is very very weak since i do it with some wierd mix. I will post some demos in "general singing" so you can hear what I mean.
Great forum by the way, active and growing! Hope we can all get the best of it, shame i cannot help anybody since i dont know nothin bout anythin except mixing and recording. Any questions, PM me! Byee


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    Hi, tochocks!

    Nice to meet you, and good to have you on board!  Don't worry about your voice being ruined by sls!  Just put everything you learned there aside and watch and listen with new eyes and ears!

    Do everything just like Ken demonstrates, and don't try to relate it to things you've learned elsewhere.  As you've described, those methods just didn't work for you, so pay close attention, even to the simple things. You want to get every nuance of KTVA working for you!  You will be transformed!

    Looking forward to hearing your demos!


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