Take Me To Church

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This is definitely one of the harder songs I've done.
Please give me feedback on the recording aspect and the vocal aspect as well!
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    Got y'er e-mail, sorry I didn't get a chance to reply sooner.

    You sound really good in this range, mate. Recording-wise, it's clear as day and picks up all of the nice air around your top end without being harsh. Well mixed, upfront without being overpowering and sounds more like it's part of the backing track. Seriously, well done. Look at your stuff two weeks ago compared to this...

    Your pitch is excellent and I'm really getting YOUR voice now over the more Mercury-tinged stuff. You still have that same wonderful theatricality to it and the same grace around the higher notes, but there's more girth to it all and more going on in your midrange which is really interesting sounding.

    I honestly don't have anything in terms of constructive criticism to offer. At very most, and pushing myself to be deliberately critical: There's a few wee vowel things in the lower range and a few bits where you're sounding a wee bit flutey and falsetto-like, but they're really not a big deal and don't detract from the performance overall.

    Aside from that, your breath and support sounds solid; tone is awesome; pitch is great; performance is passionate and emotive while being controlled. I kinda hate you...hahaha! In seriousness though, you make me want to be a better singer. For someone who's using just the free resources and the forum, you're a great example of what's possible with this stuff.
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    It's okay about the email haha, I was like, I'll just post it and risk it haha.
    Yeah, I'm pretty comfortable in this range as well. But I'm always expanding my vocal range in any way I can, the better the range the more fun it is for me, because I can sing whatever I want if I do.
    I'm actually going to sing this song live at a festival. Wanted to post it in the forums to get some feedback on it first, and meanwhile practicing my mixing skills.

    Yes, I decided to bring my voice in, I usually only imitate my favorite artists. I will keep posting my voice, but at the same time some Mercury-esque voice as well lol, it's just so good.

    Yes, there's a few vowel stuff in there. I always like to show the theatrical side, and let my voice speak about what the song is about. Yeah, I'm careful not to go over the top emotional, so that I can also control my voice at the same time.

    Yeah, I've been in these forums for a year now without buying the damn course, and I want it bad lol.

    All the best,

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    That was a pretty decent vocal Diego. It sounds like you're letting your throat do a lot of work on that one. I would relax it more.

    Do me a favor? "Fool On The Hill" The Beatles

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    Fool On The Hill on the way.
    @videoace Glad you enjoyed this one!
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    When I was listening to it I was hearing Mcartney, and Harrison. Any song either one of the two sing you could probably do great on.

    I like when you sing more in your "natural" range. It's a really good tone. You should sing there more often.

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    Yes, the same amount of time I've been putting on making my upper chest voice expand, I've been putting on this tone. I try to do everything simultaneously haha. I just like how the upper range is sounding, that's why I uploaded more on that than my natural range. I could also do "Yesterday" one of these days if you'd like.

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    Yesterday is cool. Like I said, anything by either one of them would be cool. Paperback writer? good harmonies in that one ha ha.

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    Wow impressive
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    I've never heard this song before, but it sounds like you did very well. I could hear the emotional conviction in your voice.
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