I'm topping out at Eb5 (third bridge) ...How do I (we) address this

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Hi Ken, Love the vids! ... I'm topping out at Eb5 (third bridge) ...How do I (we) address this.... also how to get a more chest like tone past the 2nd. (not just heady) //// into Coverdale Gillan , etc.   video >

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  • Ken TamplinKen Tamplin Administrator, Moderator Posts: 438
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    Hi Jim,

    More importantly than the "topping out" at eb5 is how weak the chest and support is getting to those notes.

    You are actually developing a decent (but uncontrolled) nice bright timbre to your head voice, but if you switch that early without strong upper mid voice, you will have a very difficult time developing power in your upper mid register and in the transition.

    My suggestion is to focus a bit more on your chest call range for a bit and then work on the connection a little later with better support and more authority.

    Then we will stretch headvoice beyond eb5.

    Over time this will be much safer for your voice.

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