I finally did it! I have been wanting to buy this program since I first laid eyes on it and I finally have and I am so very excited. My name is Kim and I have been singing as soon as I was talking and writing my own songs as soon as I could write. I love music and making it is a passion that I has been with me for as long as I can remember, and it because of this passion that my dream career is to be a professional touring vocalist. It took so long for me to take this seriously, seeing as everyone around me told me there was no way it was ever happening, it just crushed me. My voice isn't the best but my passion is real and lucky for me I met someone who believed in me enough to give me the courage to take on my dream, which is why I'm here. I do have my first question since I am completely new to this. I literally bought the downloaded version today and I am currently going through all the volume 1 videos, so I'm wondering, what exercises should I be practicing day to day?


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    @VValentine97 First off, Welcome to the club!

    Ken himself put it best when he said "People only become singers because they dare to be". Just because other people believe it is out of reach doesn't mean that it is. Some people go through life not even having a passion for something. If you find your passion, kill yourself doing it. If I had a penny for every time I heard get a "real" job, you'll never make it playing in a band, I would be wealthy right now, but it wasn't about "making it". Playing music is my passion, it's what I was meant to do. I do it for free, for money, for enjoyment, or to make somebody else happy, but most important..........I do it because I absolutely love every aspect of it.

    Have fun on your journey, and work smart as you go along.

    Peace, Tony

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    Wise words from Tony.
    Welcome aboard!

    Hope we can help you on this long journey. These forums will help, a LOT to say the least. Use it well, and you'll see growth.
    The main course will really boost your voice into spaces you didn't even imagine.

    Try to go with the first exercises and try mastering them as you go along, so it becomes more of muscle memory later on an it'll make stuff easier.

    All the best,

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    @VValentine97 I noticed that your status still says member. If you did buy the program, you may want to contact someone at KTVA to upgrade your status so you can view the content of the whole forum.

    Peace, Tony
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    Thank you all for the help and motivation. I completely forgot to send the email, that’s my bad, I just did so thank you so much for the reminder!
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    Welcome aboard!

    There is a boat load of information on the forum, and there is always help around the corner if you need any.

    All the best,

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