With KTVA, I've come a long way!!!

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Greetings, as I introduce myself, I think of my singing history. I didn't come from a family that sings. I'm now 61, play multiple instruments and with the help of KTVA, I'm learning to sing. I tried another course and it helped a little... but no where near enough. Ken breaks techniques down in a way and system I can understand, internalize and engage. I used to dread if I had to sing... now I'm finding it enjoyable. I never used to know what sound would come out when I opened my mouth. Now, with technique, and tons of practice... I'm finding an enjoyable way to share something I love. I hope you all have this transformation in singing too. Do the hard work, don't get discouraged and then... one day... boom! You'll get it!


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    Thanks for sharing this encouragement, RZS! It's never too late to get started on learning how much you can improve your singing capabilites!

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    It's incredible isn't it? Not only do you get all of this great information, and demonstrations, but I paid less money for the whole course than Ken charges for a one hour personal lesson. To me that is also incredible. On top pf that, you have the forum. You can't, and won't find a better course to train with for pretty much a drop in the bucket.

    Peace, Tony
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    Great to hear!

    Welcome to the forum!

    All the best,

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