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Hello, everyone! I just purchased the KTVA Complete Course and I am so excited for it to arrive in my email. HURRY UP, EMAIL! Hehehe :) A little background...I'm a 20-something female singer who has been singing for 4 or 5 years. I started off SUPER SHY AND NEW in college singing courses. They helped me with my stage fright and the basics of support. Then I bought Singing Success...I fell off the wagon pretty quickly with that. I just couldn't understand all these GLUG GLUG GLUG WAH WAH WAH noises...why on EARTH is it beneficial for me to sing with gross tone like that? Anyway...I then bought Thomas Appell's singing program, and later on started doing private lessons with him for 3 or 4 months. I noticed some improvement during my lessons with him, but AFTER I stopped taking them and I really started using my recorded lessons as practice material is when I really felt I was getting somewhere. However...I still break a lot in my upper register and I seem to sing flat just about all the time...live, during recording, whenever! It's frustrating, because I have been a musician my whole life (piano, saxophone) and I know sharp vs. flat vs. on pitch. My chords just don't seem to want to get ON, if that makes sense. Oh, and a sidenote...I've been singing in bands for a few years, and am currently the frontwoman in a rock band with 4 dudes :) So...after much surfing around the internet, I fell upon Ken and his incredible program...I was blown away by his range and his students on Youtube. I am so excited to be embarking on this journey to finally find my voice with you guys!


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    We're so glad you've finally come home where you belong!!!   KTVA is going to take your voice where those other methods never could!

    PLEASE set everything you "know" about singing aside, and pay strict attention to EXACTLY what Ken shows you in the videos and the practice CD's!  Don't gloss past ANYTHING, don't think "yeah, yeah, Lah, what's next?"  This is the beginning of your real vocal journey.  You are going to rebuild your voice on a new, SOLID FOUNDATION!!!  Take your time and do it RIGHT!

    It will be a lot of hard work, it will take a lot of practice, and it will be a BLAST hearing the transformation in your voice!

    Get ready to ROCK!

    We're glad you're here!


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    Hi there, highmtn! Thank you so much for the warm welcome! I am so excited to start practicing with this program. I think later today I'll record a "before" track, just so I can have some comparison for later on. If I'm lucky, I'll figure out how to post it up on this forum lol!
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    Hi jbaybayy!

    Welcome to the KTVA forum; Your story is very interesting; many people on the forum have experienced similar challenges. The good news is that you will find that Ken's program (combined with the excellent webinars and input from other students, and Ken, here on the forum) will really get you to where you want to be with your voice.

    All the best. 
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    Hey jbaybayy,

    Great to have you here. Take it all in, watch the videos and get to work! Lol. There will probably be answers to your questions right here in the forum, so check them out when you get a chance. All the best!
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    Thanks so much, Guevara and sspatrick!
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