Zombie- The Cranberries.

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This is a very tough song. Because I did it in the original key I think? I gave it a try to see what you guys think
Give me feedback on the recording and the vocals, always appreciated.
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    I think you sing some consonants very hard, that's not necessary. Try to not over-pronounce them.
    You can also easily modify some vowels to be much more relaxing and ending up having the same effect, if not even nicer. Modifying vowels can also make the sound and 'flow' more pleasant. You've learned at KTVA where and how to modify, so i'll leave that up to you.

    It's also not the original key. The original is a little higher.

    Now that all sounded very negative, but i do not mean it that way! I think it sounded good man. Well done. The vocal recording and mixing needs some more work too, but you are delivering pretty good vocals.

    All the best,

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    Thanks for the feedback.
    I think I was focusing on getting people to understand what I was saying, because a friend told me you couldn't understand what I was singing. So I should modify the vowel then slightly touch the consonant at the end right?

    Haha, yeah I noticed when I heard the song again, it sounded very weird to my ears.

    Thanks, I've been practicing how to mix and stuff, and it definitely has given me a better ear to notice my mistakes. I felt like I "rushed" this one a bit. And I kind of regret it, because It could have sounded better. But oh well.

    Thanks for the feedback!
    All the best,

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    I think you are doing very well Diego. Keep up the exercises, you will only improve.
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    Sounds good Diego. I see you like the sound of "double tracking" vocals. It does give a nice sound. You just have to be careful to sing it the same each time, unless you're going for a certain effect.

    Experiment. Music is like science. Theories, truths, and a whole lot still undiscovered.

    Peace, Tony
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    To go a little more in-depth on your response:

    I don't think it sounded weird, but you can just pronounce the consonants less. It will make singing a lot easier too!

    Touching the consonants is a good idea, but it also depends on the pitch and transition etc. If you sing in a comfortable lower register, these things are less of a problem. But even then you have to keep everything smooth and open.

    For example, if you sing 'in your head', you can sing it more like Eh-n y-Ah h-Eh-d. Or maybe use 'Oh' for the 'your' part, if that transition is ok and smooth for you. Also make sure you don't over-do this, the mods should be subtle. Another thing to add to the previous example: in my experience, going from Eh into 'ih' is more comfortable than a straight 'ih'. Using 'ih' up high is also something you should do with caution. Just experiment!

    With time, these transition will feel more natural, and you will 'feel' how to sing more stress free. It's muscle memory. The important thing is to teach yourself the correct muscle memory! Muscle memory is only useful here when it's done with correct technique.

    And i'm talking about singing in chest voice here, just to make that clear.

    All the best,

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