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New pleb here

rryderrryder Posts: 1Member
well, an old new pleb 'eh.
You can call me Red.
Started singing when I was about 10 in church choir, then in high school Chorus 7-12th grade. Had a few bands over the years, last in '72. Now just play for myself, and sing karaoke now and then. My Dad was a drummer, so, guess timing was something in my blood. I leaned toward the guitar though. Never great, but enough to sing by 'eh. I grew up in the '60s, playing/singing things like Wild Thing, Louie Louie, artists like Hendrix(singing) Stones, Moody Blues, and lots more. Now still love singing Roy Orbison's stuff, Moody Blues, would love to sing Steve Perry's stuff, what a voice...oh, btw, I'm 65 going on 19...hahaha.. peace


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