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Yo! I'm JΔY, singer and soon to be winemaker

JΔYJΔY Posts: 102.0 PRO
What's good beautiful people, my name is JΔY. They call me the Delta Style lol

Okay, enough artistic fluff! My name is Jay and I love to sing! Ever since I can remember I've been singing. I sang horribly until I was 16-17, and then I started taking lessons and joined choir in highschool. Unfortunately, it was my senior year, so I quickly left to college with much left to learn.

Over the past 6 years of uni I haven't stopped singing. In fact, I've improved the most over this time by jamming with other talent musicians. While they themselves were not vocalists I learned how to stay on pitch, keep a rhythm, sing in harmony, etc...

Which gets me to where I am now. I graduate in the summer with a chemical engineering degree and plan to use it to join the wine business in Austin, TX so I can make wine in the day and sing my butt off at night.

Vocally, I feel confident enough to sing to crowds and say I am a singer. However I feel my technique is very unrefined and raw. I can sing many things, but truly epic vocals like those of Steve Perry, Stevie Wonder, Robert Plant, and Jonny Craig (seriously, check him out. he is what convinced me I had to learn how to sing properly. i'm not a fan of his genre anymore, but his skill is amazing ) are still out of my reach.

With KTVA I hope to learn to control and master my range around the G4-D5 area (Assuming C4 is middle) and remove all the damaging habits I do when belting. I've posted a link to my first music video in the DEMOS part of the forum if you're interested in listening to what i sound like :)

I just wanna end this ramble with, thank you Ken Tamplin for creating this program. I am just starting, but it feels so refreshing to have found a community of people aiming towards the same goal I have. Improving my singing.

I wish you all much peace, love, and healthy singing


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