Hey all! KT here! I am new to the program!

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Hey, So happy to get this program from Ken. I had tried a couple of other voice coaching programs before...but no luck improving what I wanted to improve. I have been singing un-professionally for many years now. But in the last few years, not sure if it was due to the thought that I am getting older or what that I "shouldn't" be hitting the high notes like before...and everytime now that when I come across a high note, I freeze. So, I use all kinds of tricks, like lowering the key of the song, or change the high note to a lower note or pull the mic away real quick at the high notes...All these have created more panic in singing high notes in front of people and feeling very insecure about my own voice and ability to sing (I won the first place in a Chinese karaoke competition in 1998..hahaha). Anyway, I am hoping to find the strength and confidence to sing the high notes again and even better learn to sing even higher notes with mix voice through this program. I am putting in the time to practice the audio daily (I never had a daily practice before...just once awhile) and watching the videos (so many vedios to watch and so little time...;-))
Thanks for reading my little story here...please share any tips that you have as a beginner of the program and how did you worked to overcome the time to practice, where to practice, how to measure the change in your voice...I am all ears and heart!


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